Shipping Container Project: Intro


There Is No Place Like Home

In Argentina, it is not uncommon for entire communities with hand made homes, domiciles, and shacks to pop up on public land where they live until someone decides that it is no longer permitted. After which, they need to tear everything down, find a new spot, and build again. From the ground up.

This was years ago, before the tiny space/tiny home trend we’ve seen take shape over the years. As well as the usage of shipping containers as affordable materials to build some pretty incredible spaces/homes.

Ahead of the trend, Facundo started to develop a project in Buenos Aires, Argentina in cooperation with the government to use shipping containers to build homes for these people that could be easily packed up, moved to a new location, and set up again. Without having to rebuild from the ground up. Which can be incredibly devastating, always disruptive, and at times impossible for families to recover from.

To lose one’s home. To lose the physical manifestation of a life lived. Shelter. Security. Rest. Home. And so the Shipping Container Project began.

While the end game to improve the quality of life for people living under the stress of losing their homes at any moment is still the end game for Facundo, Heavy Furniture is pleased to announce that we will be opening up our service to the public at large.

For those interested in the progress of this project, people who want to get a sneak peek at what he has come up with, and those who are searching for someone to help them build the ultimate shipping container home – follow us on one of the Heavy Furniture social media profiles by clicking on the icons below.




Might want to mute the music, FYI.

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